2_faced_rattle-_red_cedar.jpg ANNAS HUMMINGBIRD rattle -red cedar -4X11X2.jpg BANANA SLUG - red alder - 2X8X2.jpg BEAR PAW shaker - red  alder - 4x7X2.jpg BEAR PAW shaker-Peter Gong design side2-red cedar BEAR PAW shaker-red cedar - 8X6X2 Don designside copy.jpg BEAR mask- yellow cedar - 11x8x6 copy.jpg BUG shaker - red alder - 2X6X1.jpg Bear paw shakers - red cedar & copper CHICKADEE shakers - red cedar EAGLE EGG shaker - yellow cedar - 3X4.jpg EAGLE TRANSFORMATION mask - yellow cedar - 10X12X8.jpg FOREST MAN mask - red alder - 5X8X5.jpg Face shakers - red alder & copper.jpg Firewood series - red alder Head shakers - red cedar & copper Jean - red cedar LADYBUG double-shaker - red alder - 2X7X2-.jpg Octopus transformation mask - red alder Ohh! - red alder PYGMY OWL shaker - red alder -3X9X2.jpg RAVEN MOON mask-red cedar - 21x9x8 copy.jpg RAVEN rattles & stand-red cedar - 14X10X3.5 .jpg RAVEN'S EGG shakers-red cedar - 3.5X2.5 copy.jpg RUFUS HUMMINGBIRD rattle - yellow cedar - 3X12X3.jpg SHELL shaker - red alder - 5X5X2.jpg SHELL shaker - red cedar - 5X5X2.jpg SNAIL-SLUG-MAN-red cedar - 42x18x12 copy.jpg TREE-MAN-TRANSFORMATION-red-cedar-15x15x6.jpg WOLF mask - red cedar - 9X22X9.jpg WOOD DUCK shaker - yellow cedar - 4X6X3.jpg Wedgehead - red cedar Baby slug shaker- red cedar & copper bat_mask-red_alder.jpg bear_man_mask-_red_alder.jpg bear_paw_shaker-red_cedar.jpg BEAR RATTLE and stand - yellow & red cedar, copper shot bear_tracks-_yellow_cedar.jpg Block head - red cedar bug_shaker-_red_cedar.jpg Clammy Hand Shakers - Yellow Cedar, 5x3x2 DEER HELMUT - Old growth red cedar, 14x8x14 egg_shakers-_red_cedar.jpg Farmed salmon? No thanks! - red alder firewood_series-_red_cedar.jpg freaked-yellow_cedar.jpg FROG - red cedar, 14x22x9 hawkman-Firewood_series_red_cedar.jpg heron_rattle-red_alder.jpg Homme de chevre - yellow cedar Judy shaker - Firewood series, red cedar Little freaked - yellow cedar Lots of teeth - yellow cedar MASK  - red cedar, 16x20x9 metroprololed-firewood_series_red_cedar.jpg Mini mask - Firewood series, red cedar Mini masks - Firewood series, red & yellow cedar Mr. Grimly - Firewood series, red cedar mr_longface_mask-yellow_cedar.jpg Owlets shaker - Firewood series, red cedar peanut_head-firewood_series_red_cedar.jpg pygmy_owl_shaker-red_cedar.jpg Red hand shaker - yellow cedar SLUG - old growth red cedar, 12x2x2 slug_shakers-red_cedar.jpg SNAIL - old growth red cedar, 8x6x4 Swimmer Mask - Side View Swimmer Mask - Yellow Cedar, 10x9x3 What was I thinking? - yellow cedar WIND - old growth red cedar, 12x6x3 windy-yellow_cedar.jpg Yeshhhh Firewood series, red cedar

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